You may not Always win But you can Always learn I got all pumped up with a big success But the rest of my life was a real mess I studied & prayed trying to find a way out Of depression, anger and clouds of doubt I saw 4 different shrinks for over 20 years […]

Pleasure 510

The pleasure will Pass The consequences will Last Put more ice cream on my cake I worked real hard I need a break Just one more beer before I go Will really put me in the flow How many times have I frowned at the scale Or looked in the mirror and felt like a […]


Peaceful persistence Well overcome almost Any resistance If for 20 years I studied an hour a day Today I’d be an expert in meany a way Save just 10% of all that you earn And soon you’ll have no financial concern Exercise just a few hours a week And you will keep your fitness at […]


We always have A choice In our reactions The Buddha had a message clear But that ain’t the way we talk over here The message that I have for the masses Learn to keep your heads out of your asses It all begins with the simple truth That should be taught to all of our […]


What we don’t know Is astonishing Even more astonishing is What passes for knowing So many times I been absolutely sure And then reality came through the door I knew exactly how things would transpire Then the unknowns would arise and conspire To surprise me “again” with the unexpected I’d mumble,grumble and feel really dejected […]


Become master Of common Things My mother always said to chew Even when she served me stew Almost 80 years have passed And I still gulp food to the very last Stand up straight and pay attention I hear her voice from the next dimension She said young man listen to me And mostly I […]


Keep yearning For learning I can learn from everything that comes along And make it part of my life’s song Most things can be turned to gain Even when it come with pain Life passes fast so I will pay attention And do it without much apprehension Whatever happens can be used as training And […]


Be still and Listen to the Tetanus I meditate and sit real Still And practice using  all my will As I quiet my mind the more I hear The high-pitched noise that roars in my ear Most of the time I can ignore it But when I’m tired it takes grit To try to stay […]


Pause Think about what you’re Thinking about We think and think the whole day through But rarely question what’s untrue Like background noise at a busy station It plays all day without observation Once in a while we may pay attention  And then there might  be comprehension There’s lots of talk about meditation As the […]


Make the Most Of it Somehow I got this stent in time To learn how to write and rhyme Then the decades flew by And I’m still wondering why Now that I’m old I’ll soon leave the fold I know I’ll never know How I got into this show The only thing I can say […]