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The unexpected Lurks gleefully In every instant The same old thing keeps coming up Sudden-death or just a broken cup I stumble around in my last days In the same old self-deluded hays Life has never been this good Because I never understood It’s not what happens that makes the day But how I react […]


Lost in the Familiar One more day Same old way Winter is here Springtime is near Then summer again I don’t know when It will come to an end So be of good cheer Laugh while you’re here You will soon disappear Lost in the Familiar day 28,493

Good fortune

> Don’t get in The way of Your good fortune Every day there’s many a chance Our present and future for us to enhance All that we do can be done in a way That displays & enhances our talents all day Are we building a future or just making more past It’s all a […]


Master your Form When you’re young there’s plenty time To write a book or spin a great rhyme But rhyming in writing is just not enough You gotta come up with really good stuff Read and travel write a lot Once in a while you’l hit the right spot The same with what ever else […]

Mind control

Mind Control  Is not our Birthright That’s what childhoods all about But soon they teach us lots of stuff Reading and writing but that’s not enough The greatest lesson we can learn How to calm our minds when they churn To except that which we cannot alter Then change the rest and do not falter […]

Work arounds

Work Arounds for A dying brain Put things back where they belong Or search around and feel for-longed  Always have a pen at hand Write it down as soon as you can Eat good food and exercise Take a sauna and read the wise Dance,sing and be with others Treat everyone like sisters or brothers […]


Create a Raging Curiosity I used to think that I could know But now I know it was just a show Read and study think and plan do it for your whole lifespan span And when your old you may realize That few among us are ever wise The wisest thing that they can bestow […]