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What I Do

Three times
I have taken a good idea
And turned it into a multi million dollar business

I Coach.

I can save you time and
share some good ideas about
building, operating, scaling
a business and developing your personal management skills

I Speak.

I share my story of how I started on my path of gratitude and what I have learned along the way that can help others do the same.

I Write.

I have written 3 books that I hope people will enjoy and find insightful


Dean made me see that I am good at what I do, and I deserve to have the great business we have got.
~ Christine Walters
Since I have known Dean Roberts I’ve developed a much more gratitude-oriented outlook on life, and it has really paid off. I feel better about myself and others, and I do better work. He’s also a champion at taking care of himself and helping others understand how to do that for themselves. There’s so much else that I could thank Dean for, and I’m glad I got to know him and become a friend.
~ Brian Foley
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