If you can’t get What you want Learn to want What you get   Most of life is attitude Always turn to gratitude Hard work and effort can change a lot But sometimes all you get is squat The winds of Fortune blow hot and cold And if our response is uncontrolled We miss the […]

Mother time

Mother time fixes Everything Mother time will solve all my wows From acid reflux to my fungus toes I’m so grateful that I came to earth Bad vision or cancer won’t quell my mirth Achy joints and noise in my ears Its a small price to pay for so many great years I’m falling apart […]


Living in the Past Is the best way to stay In the past Most of what we see today Are past decisions on display We sow seeds without concern And dislike the outcomes but never learn To think and plan before we act Create the best plan of attack Time flies by at an exhilarating […]


Give up all Hope Of a better Past It’s good to reflect on events of the past Sometimes we extract lessons that last But to whine, complain and wallow in regret Will makes you tense and always upset The past is the past it’s over forever Use what it taught in your next endeavour The […]

Status quo

The slow death Of the Status quo Break the mold start something new Your destiny is mostly up to you Habit and routine have great power  Exercise, study and meditate for an hour Or a can of Coke and a bag of chips Will rot your teeth and grow your hips Use the power of […]


Someday When I have More time Someday when I have more time I’ll write some songs and epic rhyme The days go by at a steady pace But as I age they seem to race I delude myself I’ll have more time later When it slows down & my powers are greater For years I’ve […]


No future No past Only now I plan the future and mull the past The truth of things is nothing last Long ago I had a vision That I’m learning to live without derision The past is done it was sometimes fun And the future is always just begun Take refuge in the forever present […]


Get Ahead of Your head All kinds of thoughts going every direction Swirling around without any inspection One way I found to take the helm  Is to direct my thoughts to just one realm Meditation and visualization are said to enhance The way we learn, involve and advance 90% of the time I read somewhere […]


Pursue excellence Ignore fame From the high ground of my 80th year I can see how little there is to fear It seems that the project of biggest concern Is figuring out what’s important to learn For me it’s been the knowledge and skill Of how to respond with love and goodwill And not be […]

DNA 525

We are disposable Carriers of DNA Nature’s plan is simple and clear Survive and breed then disappear That glow of life from the primordial slime Has traveled unbroken until our time For a billion years it has evolved & changed And now our whole world we rearrange Airplanes, tanks, guns and bombs Toll booths, hospitals […]