Most activity Can be used As training There are many reasons we take action Most of which are just distraction But There’s always something new to learn Pay attention at every turn Still The greatest skill we can acquire To create the mind states that we desire Never Wine, complain or speak ill of anyone  […]


If you think Education  Is expensive try Ignorance When I was young I knew it all Then came along my first big fall Of course I could not except the blame It was not my fault I lost the game My first choice was always recreation  I never thought much about education After a while […]


Understand the Invisible Our world is full of man’s creations And all sorts of crazy nations Battleships,airplanes and poison gas Trillions in weapons we amass All this stuff starts in one place It’s our thinking that creates this disgrace Everything we make was once a thought And almost all comes what we are taught Break […]

Do it

Write it down Then Do it If it’s not on the list it doesn’t exist Write it down or it will be like a mist Every morning I review yesterday’s list And write one today with whatever I missed It’s a very old habit that help me subsist Form this habit and really persist Or […]


Detached Observation Just another Day Big plans, high hopes the days go by fast I have come to realize there’s nothing that last I’ll sit joyfully & watch the days come and go Breathe deep, relax and get into the flow To stay fit and healthy takes more than just hope Exercise, eat well and […]


Be compassionate To all beings I am just one more of the walking dead With many questions in my head Now I know I’ll never know How I wound up in this crazy show I was sure I knew how things come out But now I’m not sure what will sprout Ignorance is a lifelong […]

Sad affair

A sad affair Two days now the gray cats gone I call and call and feel forlorn Twice before she’s not come home We called & called but she chose to roam I still have hope she’s young and strong That she will come home where she belongs It’s four months now since she has […]


Too stupid To be Afraid Fear will keep you out of action Stuck in some kind of pointless distraction But stupid is great if it gets you in motion Buy a dingy and sail across the ocean If it doesn’t kill you it will teach you a lot Stay with it and soon you’ll be […]


Life A brief glimpse Of the unknown  Through the cloudy lens Of ignorance When I was young I was sure I knew That I would do what I wanted to Not one thought of the price required I worked real hard and stayed inspired On this still dark morning it’s really clear That hard work […]