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The Big picture It took me real long to get the picture I thought misery was a permanent fixture Lady fortune sent me a book It helped me realize what it took To lead the charge and take the helm And give up all my overwhelm Life is short and there is much to do […]

Pain free

Hey old-timer Move like you’re alive You’ll be pain free for ever Any time now This is a very short-term situation We are stumbling around in Make the best of it Be curious and Learn wholesome life skills  Think, eat real food, study, keep your word, Exercise, get enough sleep,stay hydrated And always show up […]

Only now

Only  Now Howling winds and blowing snow Another day the same old show One by one the day is march by Some day soon I’m going to die But today can be the best one yet I’ll live it fully without regret Study,learn and write some bullshit Do push-ups, sit-ups and try to stay fit […]

It’s not what you know It’s what you Consistently do Think and study everyday Be grateful and laugh as you decay Tell the truth and keep your word Stay lean and fit don’t get deterred Only ones will we live today Let compassion light the way Teach what most you want to learn Don’t let […]

Pace 539

Keep up the pace  We all lose the race I sit and ponder how quick life goes And sand the dead skin from my toes This day can be the best one yet I’ll be kind and grateful without regret Stand straight,relax there’s still much to learn Study and think there’s no time to burn […]


Savor this Incomprehensible Mystery Long ago I had big plans Now all I do is sit on my hands I studied and pondered for a whole lifespan And now I still don’t understand How I got here or where I’m going I’ll peacefully except there’s no way of knowing Time passes things change Sometimes it’s […]


The answer is Usually a A well formed question How do I decide what to do with my time Empty the dishwasher or write some dumb rhyme If I once figured out what I wanted to do I would set some goals and then follow through The days turn to years at a frightening pace […]


To change is to  Break the habit of Being yourself It’s the way I am I just can’t do it I try and try but it’s never a fit I’ll start with something simple and small You can’t walk until you learn to crawl A thousand things make us who we are Most makes sense […]


Yesterday All over again I swagger and stagger to my final reward It was just yesterday they cut my umbilical cord It happened so fast I thought it would last So what should I do with this day Be kind and grateful as it fades away Write some bullshit and eat healthy food Exercise meditate […]